Our Vision & Passion

Driven by his love for the game of Polo and the lifestyle that comes with it, the owner wanted to share the sense of camaraderie and lifestyle that comes with the game.

Our newly opened one-of-its-kind Chukkers Smokehouse, a Polo themed and inspired restaurant,  exudes the game’s enchanting atmosphere combining its unique and modern design with the classic ambience of a real smoke house restaurant, welcoming and serving its guests with warmth and care through a highly passionate and committed team.

We use the award-winning Myron Mixon Smokers, the ultimate way to smoke delicious, off-the-charts, mouth-watering barbeque every time, leaving the smoke meat lovers coming back for more. The revolutionary technology takes the guesswork out of smoking and results are the most tender, delicious barbeque you will ever taste. On our part, we take care to use the best ingredients to go with the high standards of “low ‘n slow” motion of cooking process, making our guests’ satisfaction our top priority.

Our culinary team has crafted a well-researched menu using the creativity and background from the classics to bring a twist to the traditions of slow cooked specialties.

"So there's a whole science behind smoking meat, its not like steak! Where you slap a piece of meat on a heated grill, time it & poke it to test its perfection. Smoking meat requires finesse, skill & a whole lot of patience because you are literally waiting 16 hours for that sucker to smoke & for you to get the perfect brisket. One wrong move and it's game over pal!"


We’re extremely proud to represent

Myron Mixon Smokers.

Myron Mixon Smokers are the ultimate way to smoke delicious, off-the-charts, mouth-watering barbecue every time. It was designed by Myron Mixon, the best-selling author and Barbecue Hall of Fame, and surpasses his highest standards for taste, convenience and performance.

Now the secret to DRY RUBS is you can't ever judge the flavor while its raw, the rub might just be too hot or intense, you can only judge the RUB after the juices of the meat mix with the herbs & spices, melt them & they undergo a chemical reaction catalyzed by the heat of the fire.